Viva Classic Live

The filigree décor of the Venlo town hall in Renaissance style and the adjacent market square are the place par excellence to enchant music lovers from all over the world with international classical (opera) music.
Since 2012, Viva Classic Live has therefore become an integral part of the Dutch art calendar and every year classical music lovers are touched by international names who animate and enrich the ambitious concert.

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Viva Classic Live | Christmas concert

Limburg baritone Sef Thissen is the driving force behind Viva Classic Live. And more than that, because since the first Viva Classic Live concert, the cultural entrepreneur has been at the cradle of his own musical child. An artistic fruit that has now reached its maturity and beguiles the city and the countryside with annual productions. Classical open-air concerts, which are now internationally known as atmospheric and of the highest level.

Viva Classic Live | Passion

Sef Thissen is all about passion and culture. Cultural entrepreneurship, in which Sef Thissen presents his creative and artistic talents to his audience and effortlessly combines them with business and organizational perspectives. All pillars rest on the entrepreneurial shoulders of Thissen and thus every year he touches the audience present on the market and the hundreds of thousands of viewers in front of the home screens deep in the heart and soul. Sef Thissen leaves lasting traces in the bloodstream of listeners and spectators and that's exactly what matters to him. The beauty of the music at Viva Classic Live often expresses what cannot be put into words, but what cannot be kept silent.

A sensational concept!

Viva Classic Live | Maurice Luttikhuis

Viva Classic Live has proven that classical (opera) music can reach a wide audience at open-air concerts in the Netherlands. These are special journeys that the Limburger Thissen embarks on with his auditorium. The multi-day festival is traditionally supported by The New Symphonics and the Coro Classico under the direction of Maurice Luttikhuis

Viva Classic Live | renowned soloists

In recent editions, world-famous soloists such as the tenors ANTONELLO PALOMBI, STEFANO LA COLLA and HECTOR SANDOVAL have found their way onto the stage of Viva Classic Live. This also applies to sopranos from the international top such as ANNEMARIE KREMER, CHRISTINA PASAROIU and MARIA LUIGIA BORSI and virtuosos such as CLAUDIA COUWENBERGH and bandoneonist CAREL KRAAYENHOF. All appealing names that are unmistakably at home on the big international stages and shine and of course should not be missing at Viva Classic Live.